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Corrade Bot

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Corrade Bot

Greetings and Salutations,

Our bot SerenaSensations is the bot we use. How we us is to log in usuing the Corrade platform in which we have total control at a minimal resource to use within Second Life.
How Bots work is that you automate the commands for which you activate or structure responses to the virtual world. Set them on a server that is up running 24/7 and let that bot run online for that time. The only downtime you would shutdown for is maintenance, reboots of the server, and upgrades. Otherwise the bot runs as the server does, all the time. As it is programmed to automate on certain commands. A master is assigned for which an interface to receive those commands is configured. That way bot a receives a command from your avatar, it will recognize and accept it then perform what was commanded.

Which brings up who and what can be commanded. That comes with the authentiation or encription that allows the slave or “bot” to responed to a “master” or avatar/avatars that send those comands to perform. Once set up the bot then monitors and performs certain things when prompted.

  • Some of those things can include:
    • Notices for group
    • Delivery of Objects
    • Wiki/Knowledge Base
    • Group Administrator
    • Store CSR
    • Land Group Admin (add/delete for group)

As we grow and get more things hopefully this will expand. Right now it’s just slow because of time, and the fact I don’t have a lot of it to spend on just one thing. So I have to spread out and do quite a few at once.

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What is Second Life?

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What is Second Life?

REF: Second Life on Wikipedia

You can view the inception from the link above on Wikipedia. Here I’ll give you more of an expansion of what it is and what it is not!

While this virtual world was built with the intention of expanding as an educational platform it quickly went to the public as a source for which to build an enterprise. If it can be thought of it probably has been done within SL.

I once likened SL to TV and that has not changed over the years. What goes on in SL stays in SL! Remember that and you’ll do just fine. Forget it and you are in for a world of hurt if you let your emotions get involved.

Originally intended for educational and business purposes, it quickly evolved into a public platform of expression. To bring companies and organizations in world in order to educate and bring people from all over the world into a virtual setting. That was how it started. As more of the public discovered a world in which they could be anything they wanted. It quickly grew.

Over time and upon take off people would come in and have the availability of creating an person who could look how they wanted, such as slim and beautiful or handsome, however your taste go. You could build or have a home in which to have unlimited options, dependent on in world building, to style your home. Most of all you could have your own land!

Land in the most part is what provided the Lindens’ with the funds to build and expand Second Life. Divided into what is called Regions, which is a server, that can be bought for a setup fee. Then you would lease it through monthly payments to maintain it. Once you have a region, if so inclined, you can divide that region into what is called parcels or smaller pieces of land. They would inherit main traits of the region such as lighting, terrain limits, and some access levels. Then you would have more of a detailed level of access, name of the land along with description. A few other details can also be inherited and even further defined on a parcel.

With that land comes also the capability, which is also available on some public regions, of building or modifying your surroundings to your likes and needs. This made it a particular favorite to store owners, clubs, and home estates. It allowed you do the second feature which brings revenue to Linden in order to upgrade and maintain those servers.

Fun of fashion and shopping with or for stylish things. We all love it, depending on your taste. Why of course I talking about the Marketplace (MP) of SL. If you can put together just about anything right down to a package you can sell on the MP of SL. Just set up a store and wow your a store owner. Hey don’t worry if you can’t do that you can also list other things, remember those parcels. Got a few places you want to rent out, then list them there. Want to sell things you make like textures or graphics, then put them on a prim and list them. Actually that was one of my first jobs was making textures for some of the popular designers and builders in SL. I didn’t have a store but I know how to texture and do Photoshop. And if the MP isn’t your cup of tea you can also sell services on the community forums or in world at job boards.

What I am getting at SL offers a lot of opportunity to come in world and have a lot of fun. Just beware of the hazards that can come with one making real life happen (usually their social interaction outlet) and the other (usually across country or further) online to maybe play a game and relieve some of that social outlet they deal with in life.



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