Welcome to Moonprincess. It’s my home away from home. Here is the lovely place to step into my brain and venture around. Depending on how venturous I get I will be expanding this section of the website. I refer to it as my main landing home. It will be the step off point for my interest and other little projects I come up with.

The main site consist of the jumping off point for other projects and a place to give a deeper definition of all that I am doing. Over the years this domain has seen a lot of things come thru from all aspects of my life. It started off as a project to learn HTML. Today it is the starting point for a view into all my worlds.

Start Off

Right now I am putting up a base site to be the start of many sub sites. Check out each of the pages, see whats going on and what areas my mind is wandering into right now. This ‘main’ site is going to be the jumping off point for all sites located within this domain.