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Corrade Bot

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Corrade Bot

Greetings and Salutations,

Our bot SerenaSensations is the bot we use. How we us is to log in usuing the Corrade platform in which we have total control at a minimal resource to use within Second Life.
How Bots work is that you automate the commands for which you activate or structure responses to the virtual world. Set them on a server that is up running 24/7 and let that bot run online for that time. The only downtime you would shutdown for is maintenance, reboots of the server, and upgrades. Otherwise the bot runs as the server does, all the time. As it is programmed to automate on certain commands. A master is assigned for which an interface to receive those commands is configured. That way bot a receives a command from your avatar, it will recognize and accept it then perform what was commanded.

Which brings up who and what can be commanded. That comes with the authentiation or encription that allows the slave or “bot” to responed to a “master” or avatar/avatars that send those comands to perform. Once set up the bot then monitors and performs certain things when prompted.

  • Some of those things can include:
    • Notices for group
    • Delivery of Objects
    • Wiki/Knowledge Base
    • Group Administrator
    • Store CSR
    • Land Group Admin (add/delete for group)

As we grow and get more things hopefully this will expand. Right now it’s just slow because of time, and the fact I don’t have a lot of it to spend on just one thing. So I have to spread out and do quite a few at once.

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